Do-It-Yourself Home Energy Improvements Made Easy!

Do you want to learn energy efficient ways on how to save energy in your home?



The cost of energy is always going up in cost. The price of electricity, heating oil, propane or natural gas leaves an unpredictable future.  If you are seeking inespensive ways to save on energy, here you will find the best bang for the buck in doi-it-yourself home improvements.  One way is to install outlet gaskets to act as socket sealers under all of your receptacle wall plates. If you stand by your receptacles on a day that is windy, you might notice cold air blowing during the winter from these areas.  Foam gaskets act as sealers and insulators to keep the outside air from entering the living space. Some people suggest that you only need to seal switch and outlet plates on outside walls.  The truth is, all wall plate areas, including inside walls, introduce outside air and need to be sealed up since the wiring in your home has wire channels that run throught walls.  This allows outside air to enter into the home throughout your wall cavities.  Since inner walls also contain pipes, outside air will enter from your basement, attic, or even your crawlspace.  Of all of these areas where air penetrates into the walls, your loss in heating and cooling can account to as much as 20%.  Aside from the sealing properties of electrical gaskets, there is also an insulating factor as well.  Sealing and insulating is importaint in order to retain heating and cooling in your home.

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Thousands of satisfied customers have improved their homes through the use of our products.  We offer as satisfaction guarantee on all of our products, and we only sell the highest grade at the best value. You may find other suppliers that sell cheaper gaskets, with some even being a multi-gasket that will fit any type of wall plate. These universal, pre-stamped gaskets don't work very well since the pre-stamped preforations that you don't intend to use will tear when you go to knock out the intended style. For example, you go to knock out the outlet section and the rectangular area tears.  What good is a leaky gasket?  Nothing beats a gasket that is precisely cut for the specific type of wall plate. Our gaskets are the thickest in the industry, where most suppliers pass off thin sealers that offer very little sealing and insulating properties.


*For multiple gang receptacle boxes, simply place multiple wall plate gaskets next to each other and trim with scissors on one side to fit.